About This Provider

Cindy Leonard Consulting provides consulting and training services to mission-driven organizations with an emphasis on participation, respect, human dignity, and results.

Vision Statement
I aim to provide appropriate and relevant services in a participatory and respectful manner that delivers the best possible return on investment in exchange for putting trust in my company.

• All client services are performed in a manner that preserves human dignity and is respectful to all people at all times.
• Community and participation are vital parts of the consulting process.
• I work hard to be good stewards of my clients’ time, energy, and money throughout each engagement.
• I strive to provide services that are no bigger than necessary, no smaller than appropriate.
• I try to work with clients within their ability to pay whenever possible.
• We are all in this business of changing the world together and it is our responsibility to take care of and improve the world around us.

Date Established
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